Task Force and Campus Partners

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ND Votes is led by a student task force, including representation by numerous political and social issues groups. This task force includes liaisons in each residence hall to engage fellow students.

The ND Votes Task Force Chairs

Grace Scartz, Co-chair

Hope Gallagher, Co-chair

Trista Brantley, Dorm Liason Chair

Ian Showe, Community Engagement Chair

Ellie Smith, Social Media Chair


The task force includes representatives from these groups and organizations:

ND Student Government

College Democrats

College Republicans

BridgeND(link is external)


Black Student Association(link is external)

Filipino American Student Organization(link is external)

Student Coalition for Immigration Advocacy

Students for Child Oriented Policy

Right to Life(link is external)

Young Americans for Freedom (Facebook)(link is external)

John Quincy Adams Society