The Klau Institute seeks to help shape innovative, principled, and hopeful practices to promote human dignity.

Drawing Insights from Multiple Perspectives

Engagement with the broader world is a key component of the Klau Institute's mission, as it seeks to provide leadership on critical issues of justice. Helping to shape innovative, principled, and hopeful practices to promote human dignity, the Klau Institute develops relationships with scholars, Church leaders, and practitioners from across disciplines to encourage creative thinking on these pressing issues.

In keeping with our founding vision, the Klau Institute seeks first and foremost to gather together and engage the imaginations of the brightest minds. Whether this involves giving voice to those affected by race here at home or creating communities of international scholars to tackle complex human rights challenges, our initiatives are designed to elicit partnership and understanding across intellectual boundaries.

Points of engagement

  1. Logo Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary

    Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary

    Our initiative designed to provide intellectual and moral building blocks to begin the transformative work of anti-racism in our students, on our campus, and in our broader communities.

  2. Irrl Feature Logo

    International Race and Rights Lab

    The International Race and Rights Lab has a unique focus, approaching the right to racial equality from an international perspective.

  3. Wvt Home Page

    With Voices True

    Our ongoing project to gather and archive stories of the Notre Dame community on race, developed in partnership with the Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy and University Archives.

  4. Home Page Image

    International Working Group on Human Rights Education

    This initiative brings together Catholic universities across the globe who share a commitment to human rights education.

  5. Nd Votes Feature Image

    ND Votes

    This nonpartisan, student-led initiative promotes voter education, registration, and mobilization, and fosters conscientious engagement in political and civic life among students.

  6. Feature Roundtable

    Experts' Roundtable

    Each year a distinguished group of experts from a variety of disciplines convenes at Notre Dame to share their experience and imagination on pressing social issues.

  7. Reparations Lab

    Notre Dame Reparations and Compliance Lab

    The lab develops and tests methodologies to assess state compliance with reparative orders of international adjudication bodies.