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About the project

With Voices True is an archive of personal narratives on race. In partnership with University of Notre Dame Archives, the Klau Institute seeks to give voice to the Notre Dame community on issues of racial identity, race relations, and the challenging task of navigating our civic and interpersonal spheres through these lenses.

A university research archive and a classroom teaching tool

With Voices True collects – through audio or video recordings, written narratives, photography or art – the stories of Notre Dame. The archive is designed to reflect the vast diversity of our community, and the infinite variety of our experiences. These materials are to be cataloged, coded, and made available for research through University of Notre Dame Archives.

Additionally, a selection of the materials will be culled and brought together in an online multimedia presentation for immediate use in classrooms, campus outreach, and other university programming. Together these summaries are intended to form an ongoing narrative.

A Notre Dame story

With Voices True is meant to preserve the experience of race in a particular place. It is to Notre Dame students and alumni, faculty, and staff that we look for our stories – stories that may relate to events on campus, or may reflect the feelings and reactions of those at Notre Dame to distant events.

It is our hope that by listening to one another, we develop a deeper sense of solidarity and community. Sharing the misunderstanding, fear, joy, and grace that accompany race relations is essential to this mission. We invite Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff, present and past, to share their stories. Please contact us through the form below to express your interest in participating.

Please note that "With Voices True" is not an anonymous archive.

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