Promoting human dignity

The Klau Institute aspires to provide transformative education, innovative research, and meaningful engagement with students and with the broader community. Our mission is to advance the God-given dignity of all human persons.

Learn more about the evolution of the center founded by Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. half a century ago.

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Keough School of Global Affairs

The Klau Institute for Civil and Human Rights is part of the Keough School of Global Affairs, advancing integral human development through research, policy, and practice.

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What We Do

The Klau Mission

Mission Academic


We engage with students at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate level, providing opportunities for study and research in critical areas.

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Grants & Fellowships

We support students and faculty in research, engagement, and teaching on civil and human rights issues.

Mission Initiatives


We seek to provide leadership on critical issues of justice, helping to shape innovative, principled, and hopeful practices to promote human dignity.

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Minor in Civil and Human Rights

Our minor emphasizes both domestic and international issues, giving undergraduates a broad-based view of critical global problems.

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Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary

Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary

Our initiative designed to provide intellectual and moral building blocks to begin the transformative work of anti-racism in our students, on our campus, and in our broader communities.

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With Voices True

Our initiative to give voice to the Notre Dame community on issues of racial identity and race relations. Featuring audio and written narratives, the archive is a valuable research and classroom teaching resource.

With Voices True

Klau Institute Student Affiliates

Our student affiliate program, open to both undergraduate and graduate students, provides opportunities for rich extracurricular activities, exclusive funding for research, and valuable community-building.

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