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Our affiliates are an interdisciplinary group of students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels who are interested in building an intellectual community around issues of domestic civil and international human rights. Current affiliates include students in law, sociology, political science, global affairs, history, philosophy, architecture, business, engineering, biological science, computing, and economics.

Student affiliates have a host of special engagement opportunities with the Klau Institute. Among those opportunities are an invitation to participate in a year-long series of student roundtables, in which small groups of affiliates discuss timely civil and human rights topics with in-house and visiting faculty as well as guest speakers. Affiliates may apply for small grants for research, travel, or conference participation related to civil and human rights.

More broadly, affiliates are welcomed into community life and fellowship at the Klau Institute and are asked to be ambassadors promoting civil and human rights within the broader Notre Dame community and within their own disciplines. 

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Current Students

Keough School of Global Affairs

Klau Institute Minor in Civil and Human Rights
  • Jack Anderson
  • Courtney Anderson-Ferguson
  • Sonya Baumgardt
  • Annie Behm
  • Alexis Dogue
  • Rachel Hartmann
  • Clodagh Johnston
  • Raleigh Kuipers
  • Kristen Lemus
  • Grainne Malone
  • Peyton Marrone
  • Sophia Rockwell
Klau Institute Concentration in Civil and Human Rights
  • Briana Chappell
  • Nicholas Crookston
  • Chaya Figueroa
  • Jacqueline Glago
  • Olivia Grandpre
  • Camila Holden
  • Abby Lamm
  • Belen Riberas
  • Claudia Rivera
  • Climary Sanchez Marmolejo
  • Grace Scartz
  • Gabrielle Spontak
  • Hannah Thurow
  • Wil Zinkan
Master of Global Affairs
  • Marla Cansino
  • Nicolas Chehade
  • Mariama S. Dampha
  • Nourhan Fahmy
  • Adeela Firdous
  • Elischia Fludd
  • Dara-Marie Raggay
  • Anna Romandash
  • Melvin Sharty
Major in Global Affairs
  • Maddie Dearie
  • Chaney Fix
  • Annette Lee
  • Jill McEntee
  • Sophia Shroyer
Supplementary Major in Global Affairs
  • Katherine Conway
  • Theophilus Daniel
  • Allison Doctor
  • James Forsen
  • Irasema Hernandez Trujillo
  • Anna Kulczycka
  • Mary Laird
  • Daniel Lau
  • Lindsey Miller
  • Tia Mittle
  • Gabriela Rivera
  • Matthew Ruff
  • Natalia Ruiz
  • Annie Ryan
  • Lily Storrs
  • Emma Wakakuwa
  • Katie Werner
  • Meredith Wilson
  • Shamiran Youhana
Doctorate in Peace Studies
  • Ali Altiok
  • Joséphine Lechartre
  • Joachim Ozonze


Law School

J.S.D. in International Human Rights Law
  • Juan Pablo Alban-Alencastro
  • Jorge Eduardo Barrera Rojas
  • Anivesh Bharadwaj
  • Carlos Bichet Nicoletti
  • Maryssa Gabriel
  • Kyung Mo Kang
  • Clare O'Hare
  • Bernardo Pulido
  • Khawla Wakkaf
LL.M. in International Human Rights Law
  • Farah Khaleel Abdullah
  • Rushaan Booysen
  • Monserrat Jacqueline Cámara Santos
  • Portia Ozioma Chigbu
  • Elizabeth Rose Higgins
  • Caren Kalafatich
  • Cecilia Kibada
  • Carlos Martínez Roca
  • Faisal Yamil Meneses
  • Jonathan Pabillore
  • Bibi Wahida Rahimi
  • Pavithra Rajendran
  • Ewa Rejman
  • Josemaría Rodríguez Conca
  • Ana Clara Rivero
  • Yin Yin Win
Doctor of Jurisprudence
  • Sarah Barritt
  • Claire Crites
  • Alyssa Desouza
  • Alexandra Lesnik
  • Davis Lovvorn
  • Allison Morcus
  • Erica Patterson
  • Sebastián Ramírez
  • Riley Realing
  • Maria Rossi
  • Drake Stobie


College of Arts and Letters

Doctor of Philosophy
  • Aliyah Abu-Hazeem (Sociology)
  • Kenneth Amadi (Theology)
  • Emmanuel Cannady (Sociology)
  • Ruth Carmi (Sociology)
  • Angela Chesler (Political Science and Peace Studies)
  • Jaylexia Clark (Sociology)
  • Nancy Diaz (Sociology)
  • Hannah Early Bagdanov (Political Science)
  • Patrick Graff (Sociology)
  • Lindsay Heldreth (Sociology)
  • Lora Jury (Italian Studies)
  • Minju Kwon (Political Science)
  • Laura Neftaly López-Pérez (Political Science)
  • William Orbih (Theology)
  • Mayra Ortiz Ocaña (Political Science)
  • Jeremi Panganiban (Anthropology/Peace Studies)
  • Emma Rosenberg (Political Science)
  • Mary Shiraef (Political Science)
  • Romelia Solano (Political Science)
Bachelor of Arts
  • Jessica Ashman (Sociology)
  • Aidee Barajas (American Studies/Sociology)
  • Rose Benas (Political Science)
  • Miriam Bethencourt (English/Peace Studies)
  • Hannah Brence (Political Science)
  • Britton Brindle (Political Science)
  • Ashley Cammiso (International Economics)
  • Adeline Chappuis (Design/Theology)
  • Alex Currie (Economics)
  • Michael Donelan (Political Science and History)
  • Caroline Egan (Political Science and ESS)
  • Libby Eggemeier
  • Jayden Espinoza (Sociology/Africana Studies)
  • Aiza Flores (Political Science)
  • Annemarie Foy (Math/Political Science)
  • Katherine Gottemoller (Political Science/Psychology)
  • Juliet Hall (Program of Liberal Studies)
  • Matthew Heilman (Neuroscience and Behavior)
  • Clare Hill (Political Science)
  • Paige Jenkins (American Studies/English)
  • Shannon Kelly (Anthropology and Irish)
  • Caroline Kranick (English/Political Science)
  • Aidan Kriskey (Political Science)
  • Lauren Lee (Neuroscience and Behavior)
  • Josie Lloyd (Political Science)
  • Emily Lugg (Political Science)
  • Luzolo Matundu (Political Science and ACMS)
  • Libby Messman (Political Science)
  • Thomas Musgrave (Political Science/Peace Studies)
  • Thanh Nguyen (History)
  • Oscar Noem (English)
  • Connor Patrick (History)
  • Benjamín Rascón Gracia
  • Andrea Romero
  • Jingyao Shan
  • Jennifer Shin (Political Science)
  • Claire Wager (Political Science)
  • Felicity Wong (English/Art History)
  • Blake Ziegler (Political Science)


School of Architecture

  • Elisabeth Hanley


College of Engineering

Bachelor of Science
  • Nathaniel Burke (Environmental Engineering)
  • Christian Gabriel El Azar (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
  • Eno-Akyie Ennin (Aerospace Engineering)


College of Science

Bachelor of Science
  • Caroline Aey (Pre-Professional)
  • Emma Ackerley (Biological Sciences)
  • Emma Bauschard (Neuroscience and Behavior)
  • Joseph Golden (Biological Sciences/FTT)
  • Kelly Gorman (ACMS)
  • Matt Kianpour (Computing)
  • Theo Rauch
  • Heather Roland (Biological Sciences)


Mendoza School of Business

  • Mariana Aguilar
  • Kevin McKenna
  • Maggie Klau
  • Margaret Sheehan