Klau Institute Faculty Fellow Program

What is the Klau Institute Faculty Fellow Program?

The Klau Institute for Civil and Human Rights supports a multidisciplinary group of faculty who form the core of a vibrant intellectual community focused on issues of civil and human rights. The Klau Institute supports Fellows’ teaching and scholarship, and provides extracurricular programming on core civil and human rights issues, helping to build a campus culture that prioritizes justice and human dignity both in the United States and internationally.

Fellows are encouraged to elevate issues of civil and human rights within their home departments and the University more broadly, and to consider joint projects with each other, building cross-campus partnerships on civil and human rights initiatives. The Klau Institute can provide resources and support for faculty initiatives related to civil and human rights, including research funds and course development grants. Faculty Fellows may also propose programming including speakers, symposia/roundtables, and other events. 

Fellows become an active part of the life of the Institute. In addition to attending Klau-sponsored events, Fellows are connected to Klau Institute student affiliates, with opportunities for substantive engagement and mentorship. Fellows may be asked to offer courses that support our academic programs and to supervise students completing capstone research projects.

There will be one annual meeting of the Faculty Fellows to discuss the Klau Institute’s current activities, future plans, and opportunities for engagement.

Faculty Fellow Funding Opportunities

Faculty Fellows are eligible to apply for funding to support specific research projects; course development; symposia and roundtables; and other programming and educational activities that advance the mission of the Klau Institute.

Apply for funding here

How Can I Become a Klau Institute Faculty Fellow?

Members of the regular faculty can be nominated by the Director, members of the Faculty Advisory Committee, or other Fellows.  A prospective Fellow will be considered and appointed by the Director for a three-year term, renewable by the Director. 

Individuals from outside the regular faculty of the University may be identified and appointed through the same procedure for one-year renewable terms as Visiting Fellows of the Institute.