The Klau Center


It was the vision of Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., to establish in 1973 a center for the study of civil rights, so that Notre Dame might become a leader in research and education around these pressing issues. The Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights is the realization of Fr. Hesburgh’s founding vision. Through education, inquiry, and engagement, the Klau Center seeks to be at the vanguard of innovative and principled ways to promote justice.

First and foremost a hub for the development of engaged students and future advocates for human dignity, the Klau Center expresses its mission through its support of academic programs on the undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs are supplemented with opportunities for research and engagement outside of the classroom. Second, the Klau Center supports inquiry by associated faculty and students alike, encouraging creative thinking and new scholarship. Finally, the Klau Center seeks to engage with those from across disciplines, both inside the academy and beyond, to act as a catalyst for new and innovative approaches to issues of social justice.

A shared commitment to human flourishing

The Klau Center participates in a collaborative community of scholars and students at the Keough School of Global Affairs, whose efforts are focused on advancing a holistic vision of human flourishing. Our combined dedication to promoting peace, prosperity, and justice are central to the mission of the University of Notre Dame.