The Prohibition of Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment under International Law


Presented by JSD candidates, Sonia Boulos and Mirakmal Niyazmatov

The 2006 Abu Ghraib photos documenting ill-treatment of detainees in Iraq triggered a rigorous debate both in academia and the media on the definition of torture, and whether the ill-treatment of detainees met that definition. Little attention, if any, was paid to the prohibition on other forms of ill-treatment, specifically cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment (CIDT). Two of our JSD students, Sonia Boulos and Mirakmal Niyazmatov, who have focused their doctoral dissertations around the prohibition on CIDT, will share their research. They will discuss the definition of CIDT under international law and on how international law distinguishes between torture and CIDT.

Sponsored by the Center for Civil and Human Right and the Student Services Office.