CCHR co-sponsors conference to explore religious freedom policy

Author: Daniel Philpott

Over the past four to five years, Canada and numerous Western European countries have adopted foreign policies of promoting religious freedom around the world, following the lead of the United States, whose Congress passed the International Religious Freedom Act in 1998.  Believing religious freedom to be a worthy goal that promotes human dignity, the Center for Civil and Human Rights is co-sponsoring a conference,  “Developing a Multilateral Approach to Freedom of Religion or Belief: a European Perspective,” that takes place at Wilton Park, a prestigious conference center in southern England.  Gathering together top scholars and foreign policy officials from Europe and North America, the conference will explore the tensions and dilemmas that arise between the religious freedom policies of separate states as well as possibilities for cooperation.

More information on the project can be found here, at the Wilton Park website.