“The Future of the Inter-American Human Rights System” working papers released

Author: Kevin Fye


On March 31, 2014, The Center for Civil and Human Rights, with the generous support of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, gathered a distinguished panel of human rights lawyers, scholars, diplomats, and judges involved with the Inter-American human rights system. These closed-door meetings provided an opportunity for frank, honest discussion around challenges facing the system.

CCHR is proud to announce the first release in a series of working papers arising from that conversation. Addressing appointments to the Inter-American Court and Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, petition processes within the Inter-American system, and the complex relationships between the system and national jurisdictions, these papers are intended to identify specific areas of concern as well as inspire further thought and discussion.

Working papers now available include:

Laurence Borgorgue-Larsen
"Between Idealism and Realism: A few comparative reflections and proposals on the appointment process of the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights Members"
Dinah Shelton
"The Rules and the Reality of Petition Procedures in the Inter-American Human Rights System"
Sergio García Ramírez
"The Relationship Between Inter-American Jurisdiction and States (National Systems): Some Pertinent Questions"

Scheduled for release: Paolo Carozza, The Anglo-Latin Divide and the Future of the Inter-American System of Human Rights

“The Future of the Inter-American Human Rights System” is an ongoing project of The Center for Civil and Human Rights. Further discussions and publications will deepen the dialogue around challenges and visions for the future of the system. A more complete account of the March 2014 retreat may be found here.