CCHR Announces 2013 Internships

Author: Kevin Fye


The Center for Civil and Human Rights and The Program on Law and Human Development have announced their annual internships for 2013. These summer placement programs offer NDLS students valuable on-the-ground experience and training with a wide range of human rights institutions and non-governmental organizations.

LL.M. post-graduate interns include Bruno Rodriguez, who was selected in a competitive process for the 2013-14 Clerkship with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in San José, Costa Rica. This joint CCHR-Court one-year clerkship is part of a special relationship between the two entities (read more here). The “2013-2014 Notre Dame Fellow” at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will be Christopher Campbell Durufle, who will assist the tribunal in its human rights promotion and protection mission throughout the Americas. Jonathan Riveros has also received an internship from the Commission.

Israel Kodiaga received a six-month internship with UNHCR Innovation in Geneva, Switzerland and Nairobi, Kenya. He will work directly with UNHCR Innovation, on issues relating to new intellectual property and carbon credit projects for refugees and other topics related to innovative approaches to refugee protection. Sarah Bosha will serve as a CCHR summer research intern on a project for Catholic Relief Services in South Sudan. Sarah is part of a CCHR research project based at Notre Dame for Catholic Relief Services in which CCHR will provide analysis linked to the constitutional development process in that country.

PLHD is sponsoring two students to work with AVSI. Pier Pigozzi, who is completing his first year in the J.S.D. program in International Human Rights Law, will be based in Quito, Ecuador, investigating Ecuadoran labor laws affecting youth and women, the legal framework for childcare, and identifying opportunities for AVSI interventions to promote human rights. Kushtrim Palushi (LL.M. ’13) is serving a summer research internship with AVSI in Pec, Kosovo. This project will focus on the legal framework and issues relevant to the refugee communities in Kosovo, known collectively as the RAE and comprising Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians.

In conjunction with PLHD, CCHR is supporting Francesca Genova, J.D. ‘15, in a summer internship with the Permanent Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. In her formal position as Intern to the Permanent Mission, Francesca’s work will focus especially on human rights issues and the Geneva meeting of the UN’s Economic and Social Council. Lauren Lyman, J.D. ’14 is interning for part of the summer with Enlace Chicago, focusing on the legal barriers and facilitating factors in transitioning Enlace’s stakeholder community from the informal to formal sectors.

Additional internships include Emercio Aponte, LL.M. ‘13 and Audrey Mena Mosquera, LL.M. ’13, who will be interning at the Due Process of Law Foundation. Emercio will be working on issues related to the independence and selection of judges in Central America, while Audrey will be working on corporate social responsibility and the impact of extractive industries on indigenous peoples in Latin America. Chrisbiantoro, LL.M. ’13, will work on international advocacy for human rights issues in Indonesia with the International Commission of Jurists in Bangkok, Thailand. Sara Ferrer, LL.M. ’13, is serving an internship with Human Rights Watch, conducting research on issues related to restitution and the transitional justice process in Colombia. At the Center for Justice and International Law, Christian Gonzalez, LL.M. ’13, will participate in litigation before the Inter-American Commission and Court. Josel Mostajo, LL.M. ’13, is currently a foreign intern of Foley and Hoag, Washington D.C. office, where he is assisting the firm in cases involving international law and international investment arbitration. Sorina Macrinici, LL.M. ’13, is serving an internship with the Maricopa Superior Court in Phoenix, Arizona, where she will engage with a wide range of court administrative issues. Maria del Puerto Fernandez, J.D. ’14, will work with the Immigration Justice Project in San Diego, California. Her role will be to help screen detained individuals and assess their potential claims to legal status in the United States.

Each October CCHR and PLHD solicit proposals from eligible Notre Dame Law School students. In addition to recurring positions with partner organizations throughout the world, opportunities are available for students to design their own projects based on areas of interest within the fields of human rights and human development.

Profiles of our graduating LL.M. students may be found here.

Originally published by Kevin Fye at on June 12, 2013.