Walking in the Spirit of Truth: Charting the Pathways to Racial Justice


Location: Auditorium, Hesburgh Center for International Studies/Zoom Webinar

Walk The Walk Week 2023

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1963).

Please join us for an open and honest conversation about where racism is in America and how the pathways towards racial justice are impacted. Our distinguished panelists will discuss how walking the walk toward true racial justice involves addressing the manifold manifestations of racism and systemic racism with conviction and with a resolve toward actions.

A reception will follow in the Hesburgh Center Great Hall.

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This event is presented by the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and co-sponsored by the Klau Institute.

Opening remarks: 

Gwendolyn Purifoye

Dr. Gwendolyn Purifoye

Assistant Professor of Racial Justice and Conflict Transformation


Dr. Derrick Brooms, Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Dr. Derrick Brooms

Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Dr. Carla Goar

Dr. Carla Goar

Director of the Anti-Racism and Equity Institute, Kent State University

Dr. Amber Hewitt

Dr. Amber Hewitt

Racial equity advocate, psychologist and consultant

Dr David Stovall

Dr. David Stovall

Professor of Criminology, Law and Justice, University of Illinois, Chicago.

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