Filmmaker Maurice Fitzpatrick: "Tracing the January 1969 Belfast-Derry Civil Rights March and its US Antecedent"


Location: Room 1050 Jenkins Nanovic Halls


Visiting Fellow and filmmaker Maurice Fitzpatrick will speak on the 1969 Belfast-Derry Civil Rights March and its origins in US civil rights movement—an area he is researching while at Notre Dame and the subject of his newest film, now in development.

Dr. Fitzpatrick wrote, directed and produced the documentary "John Hume in America" (screened at Notre Dame in 2018), which follows the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume as he worked tirelessly over decades to rally the support of one American president after another to back the peace process in Ireland. Hume was a key agent in the transformation of Northern Ireland—one which valued inclusive peace. Notre Dame Press published Dr. Fitzpatrick's accompanying book, John Hume in America, in 2019.

Co-sponsor: Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights


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