Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Litigation


Location: 1130 Eck Hall of Law


William H. Goodman, a partner at Goodman & Hurwitz, P.C., Detroit, visited Notre Dame Law School on Monday, October 31, 2016. Goodman discussed a broad range of issues related to the utility of civil rights litigation in realizing constitutional rights related to race. Characterizing existing civil rights legislation as often limited or flawed, Goodman nevertheless pointed to the ways these laws can be used to bring litigation that helps ensure equality. Particularly compelling was his use of police "dash cam" footage to demonstrate intentional racial bias. His presentation can be viewed below. Portions of the video contain language that may be objectionable to some. 


Bill Goodman practices civil rights law with Goodman & Hurwitz P.C., representing families and individuals who have been the victims of police and other governmental misconduct.  He is also an adjunct professor of law at Wayne State University where he teaches Civil Rights Law. He is a past president of the National Lawyers Guild, and was Legal Director at the Center for Constitutional Rights, where he spearheaded many legal and political efforts to constrain executive power.

Presented by the Black Law Students Association and the Notre Dame Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, with the support of The Center for Civil and Human Rights.