The Death Penalty, Dignity and Doing Justice: My Notre Dame Journey


Location: 1140 Eck Hall of Law


Meg Penrose, Professor of Law at Texas A&M University School of Law and 1999 graduate of CCHR's LL.M. program in international human rights law, spoke to an audience at Notre Dame Law School on October 14, 2015, to discuss how the values she inherited from her upbringing, and her Notre Dame education, informed her decision to help secure justice for those on death row. In her words:

"As lawyers, our values direct our vocational approach. As Notre Dame lawyers, we have the privilege of knowing that our time spent at Notre Dame shapes and enriches our values, creating a different kind of lawyer.  "God, Country, Notre Dame" becomes more than an inscription on the Basilica, it becomes a way of practicing law.  Since leaving Notre Dame in 1999, I have dedicated myself to securing justice for those on death row.  The work is not easy, it is not fulfilling in the traditional sense, and, it is most assuredly not popular.  When losing a case means losing a client, in the most literal sense, it helps to fall back on the lessons learned beneath the Dome.  This is my Notre Dame journey."

A more full examination of Penrose's talk can be found in the The Observer, here, and video of the presentation is available below.