Democracy – Is it Good for Children’s Rights?


Professor Isabel Maria Sampaio Oliveira Lima, the third recipient of the Notre Dame-Brazilian Fulbright Foundation fellowship, will present her research on children’s rights. Isabel has been as a tenured Professor at the Catholic University of Salvador (UCSal), in the state of Bahia, since 1996. She teaches children’s rights and human rights in the Ph.D. and Masters programs on Family in Contemporary Society at UCSal. She is also an Associate Professor at the Public Health Institute at Federal University of Bahia, in Health and Human Rights. Prof. Lima also coordinates a research group on human rights, the right to health and the family since 2002. Prior to her career in academia, she was a member of the bench, as a state judge, for 15 years. She also worked in East Timor (2007-2009) as a consultant for UNICEF and the Timorese Ministry of Justice. She is a member of the Judges for Democracy Association in Brazil. While at Notre Dame, Prof. Lima will pursue a research project titled “Children’s Rights and the Right to Health: Human Rights Challenges in Brazil.”