From the Subordination to Accommodation of Religion in Secular Uzbekistan: Lessons From the Southeast Asia


Presented by JSD Candidate, Mirakmal Niyazmatov

Despite being a Muslim-majority country and having rich Islamic heritage, Uzbekistan severely restricts freedom of religion, especially of those who practice Islam. This is principally seen in the government regulation of religious dress. In his presentation last year, Mr. Niyazmatov argued, in light of the similar cases from France and Turkey, that if a complaint is filed to the European Court of Human Rights (ECrtHR) alleging violation of freedom of religion, the EcrtHR will most likely find the government’s restriction of religious dress lawful.

This time Mr. Niyazmatov will shift the focus from Europe to Asia. He will propose that there are important lessons Uzbekistan can learn from the way Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines organized relations between state and religion, as well as the regulation of religious dress.

Sponsored by the Center for Civil & Human Rights and the Student Services Office