Sudan: Peace in the Balance


In January 2011, southern Sudan will hold a referendum on independence from Sudan. Will this represent a final peaceful resolution to a decades-old conflict or will it lead to new violence and instability in the south, Darfur, and in other parts of Sudan?

The Catholic Church has long been a major force for peace and justice in southern Sudan. In an effort to encourage continued support from the United States as the referendum approaches, three representatives of the Catholic bishops of Sudan will join other religious leaders in a joint delegation to the United States. In addition to high-level meetings in Washington and at the UN, the Catholic members of that delegation will visit the University of Notre Dame for two days.

Coming to Notre Dame on behalf of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference will be:
Bishop Paride Taban, Bishop Emeritus of Torit
Bishop Daniel Adwok Marko Kur, Auxiliary Bishop of Khartoum
John Ashworth, Acting Director, Denis Hurley Peace Institute