The Place of Unions in Today's Economy


Presented by The Higgins Labor Studies Program, co-sponsored by the Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Department of Economics & Policy Studies and the Center for the Study of Social Movements and Social Change

The panel is designed to encourage open discussion and questions about unions in a worker-friendly atmosphere. In the midst of our hectic, obligation-filled semester, the forum will be a great chance to educate ourselves together, in community, and a wonderful opportunity for faculty to show workers and students their interest in the issue of unions here at Notre Dame. I hope you’ll come out!

What role do unions play in the contemporary workplace?
Are unions even necessary?
What does Catholic Social Teaching say about unions and the workplace?

Our panelists each bring a unique perspective to these questions:

Gary Wuslich, Vice-President, Human Resources, AM General
Bob Warnock, Jr., President, AFL-CIO Central Labor Council
Bill Purcell, Associate Director, Center for Social Concerns