Klau Center Writing Prizes

Klau Center Prize for Outstanding Scholarship

The Prize for Outstanding Scholarship is awarded for papers investigating the intersection of International Human Rights Law and Catholic Social Teaching. Authors may approach the subject from a variety of perspectives, the goal being to illuminate the relationship between the two bodies of thought. Preference is given to papers that make use of Convocate, CCHR’s online research portal for simultaneous examination of documents from both disciplines. More on Convocate can be found here.

The winning submission is published on Convocate, and receives a $1,000 cash prize.

Klau Center Undergraduate and Graduate Writing Prizes

Undergraduate and Graduate Prizes are awarded for papers exploring civil or human rights themes. Qualifying submissions may be research papers, theses, articles, or original essays prepared during the academic year. Minimum length of submissions is 10,000 words.

Winning submissions are published on the CCHR website, with a $250 prize awarded.

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