The First Forty Days: Finding Our Way in Light of Catholic Social Tradition


Location: Geddes Hall Coffee House

Being citizens, educators, and people of faith gives us a responsibility to respond effectively to every presidential administration. How do we discern what to support or oppose, when to resist or assist—especially in polarized times when pervasive distrust can cloud vision? What is our way forward from the polarized camps we find ourselves in? Even without agreement, can we build trust? Can we at least ensure that our own choices are well grounded?

Catholic Social Tradition (CST) offers moral inspiration in the Church and on campus, and its principles align with democratic values. How might CST help us make sense of this administration’s first forty days, and of our own responses to it? Can CST principles inform our pathway going forward?

Please join us for dialogue on these questions at an event cosponsored by the Center for Social Concerns, Center for Civil and Human Rights, and Institute for Church Life.

Dialogue will be sparked by brief comments from Jessica Keating, Institute for Church Life; Gerald Powers, Kroc Institute for International Studies; Christine Cervanek, Center for Civil and Human Rights; Mary Ellen Konieczny, Sociology; Maria McKenna, Africana Studies; and two undergraduate students.

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