Engagement with the broader world is a key component of the Klau Center's mission, as it seeks to provide leadership on critical issues of justice. Helping to shape innovative, principled, and hopeful practices to promote human dignity, the Klau Center develops relationships with scholars and practioners from across disciplines to encourage creative thinking on these pressing issues.


Roundtable Series

A distinctive feature of the Klau Center’s activities is its annual roundtable. Each year a distinguished group of experts from a variety of disciplines convenes at Notre Dame to share their experience and imagination on pressing social issues. Taking the form of a closed-door discussion, lively interaction among leading thinkers and practitioners sparks new and creative ideas to advance fundamental human dignity. Each roundtable is accompanied by a public event that explores the issues discussed by the participants.

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With Voices True

The Klau Center's project to gather and archive stories of the Notre Dame community on race. Developed in partnership with the Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy and University Archives.

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​​​​Developed by the Klau Center in partnership with Hesburgh Libraries, Convocate is an innovative online research tool that facilitates the simultaneous searching and side-by-side comparison of Catholic social teaching documents and instruments of international human rights law. Convocate makes digitized documents accessible in their totality, searchable by topic or key word for purposes of comparison. 

The platform is designed for a diverse audience. Using cutting edge text analysis technology, Convocate aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue on human dignity and facilitate research on the Catholic Church’s understanding of human rights.

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Human Rights ND

The Klau Center supports this undergraduate group dedicated to fostering dialouge on issues of human rights and social justice.

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Faculty Affiliates

The Klau Center collaborates with faculty from across the University to explore diverse issues around civil and human rights, expanding the conversation and enriching our understanding of the causes of and remedies for social injustice.

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