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Central to its mission, the Klau Center is committed to education that transforms and enlightens.

Some initiatives advance this goal by enriching the academic experience of students, offering opportunities to expand their learning both inside and outside the classroom. Others increase awareness of the broader public by presenting topical, informed, and intellectually challenging speakers and forums.

The LL.M. and J.S.D Programs in International Human Rights Law

Joint programs of Notre Dame Law School and the Klau Center, the LL.M. and J.S.D. Programs in International Human Rights Law offer Master’s and Doctoral degrees to human rights defenders from around the world. Each year, human rights lawyers come to Notre Dame to deepen their knowledge and refine their skills, often from countries where such skills are difficult to obtain and greatly in need. Since 1989, the programs have awarded advanced degrees to more than 400 lawyers from over 100 countries.

The alumni network from these prestigious programs stretches across the globe, bringing Notre Dame values to bear in international human rights bodies and local institutions in their home countries. Our graduates promote respect for human rights and human dignity at senior levels in international tribunals, intergovernmental bodies, government, academia, and non-governmental organizations.

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Summer Fellowships

Advancing the education of those whose call is to defend human dignity, the Klau Center sponsors annual summer fellowships for students engaged in work consistent with its mission. With financial support, these students are able to delve deeply into the work of public interest organizations engaged with issues such as fair housing, immigrants’ rights, the fight against human trafficking, and others.

The Summer Fellowship is designed to augment academic rigor with on-the-ground training and invaluable exposure to real-world concerns. Upon returning to Notre Dame, each fellow delivers a public lecture to share his or her experience and insights with the wider university community, further extending the educational benefits of the experience.

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Klau Center Student Affiliates

Qualified students at Notre Dame have the opportunity to become Student Affiliates. Encompassing a wide spectrum of interests and professional aspirations, affiliates can take part in the life of the Center by organizing student-run events, applying for research support, and sharing their work with the broader campus community.

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Lectures and Events

As part of its mission to educate and enlighten, the Klau Center invites experts in the areas of civil and human rights to speak at Notre Dame. Lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and film series provide an opportunity for members of the Notre Dame community and the broader public to explore both normative and policy-oriented issues related to civil and human rights.

In addition, the Klau Center sponsors a lecture series by its Student Affiliates, a globally diverse group that shares their expertise and unique cultural experience with the campus community.

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