Human Rights in the Master of Global Affairs

The Keough School of Global Affairs offers a two-year professional degree in global affairs, connecting theory, practice, and policy through a combination of coursework and practical experiences. The Master of Global Affairs (MGA) program is uniquely flexible and individualized, offering students a multitude of ways to focus on areas of particular interest. 

The Klau Institute supports master of global affairs students whose focus is on international human rights. We offer individualized advising to help students design a course of study that meets their needs and interests.

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Human Rights in the MGA: Representative Courses

These courses have been approved by the Klau Institute to support a focus on international human rights:

  • Human Rights and the Global Economy

  • Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

  • Peacebuilding and Policy Change

  • Democratic Development: Advancing Regime Change Worldwide

  • The Economics of Global Health

  • Foundations of Global Health

  • Social Movements, Conflict and Peacebuilding

  • Paradoxes of Human Rights

  • Politics of Religion & Women's Rights

  • The Cultural Politics of Religion and Women's Human Rights

  • Identity, Pluralism, and Democracy

  • The Freedom of Speech

  • Human Rights Practice

  • Foundations of International Human Rights Law

  • Gender Issues and International Law

  • Sociology of Development